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Ben Patch is the musician behind 2015's LEAST ANTICIPATED ALBUM, Near Fatal Memory Error.

In July 2013, Ben suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling off a ten-foot ladder as he was sawing a tree limb. The falling limb knocked off his safety helmet and he hit the asphalt head first, breaking his clavicle, three ribs, and three vertebrae in the process.”

As part of his rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center / Shepherd Pathways in Atlanta, he was encouraged to renew his interest in music to rebuild his memory, speech, and coordination.

Recorded over eight months in a closet above his garage, the album combines rearranged musical drafts from 1999-2004 with several new compositions - including the title track which recounts the experience that led to the album.

He purchased most of the drum loops online and quietly recorded the bass, guitar, keyboard and vocal tracks at night while his wife was asleep. The only mics used on the recording were for vocals and acoustic guitar - all basses, keyboards, and electric guitars were recorded using software amp emulators or computer synths.


Ben grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee and graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in English in 2000. After graduation, he moved to New York City where he worked as an advertising copywriter and committed many abhorrent crimes against popular culture.

In 2006, he co-founded IT consulting firm Pixelfix NY, which works with design firms, motion graphics houses and architects. One of his clients was audio engineer Carter Butler, who produced and mixed Near Fatal Memory Error. 

Ben lived in New York City until 2011, when he moved back to Chattanooga to work with his father at their green energy HVAC company, Enerfit.

He enjoys spending time with his aggressively patient wife, Julia, and their dogs Jellybean and Fudgie the Whale.

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